28 December 2009

Vindoo Dara Singh Wins Bigg Boss 3

By Subhash K Jha

Vindoo Dara Singh won Season 3 of Bigg Boss on Saturday night, richer by 1 crore and, to his surprise, a Chevrolet Cruz (no less).

But also confused because only his wife, little daughter and his brother had come to fetch him from the Bigg Boss house in Karjat on the outskirts of Mumbai.

Where are my sister and my parents? Vindoo kept asking. But my daughter is here. And Ive kissed her a thousand times already. God, Ive missed her so much.

Actually I had no friends inside the Bigg Boss house except Ismail Durbar .My first week was my worst week. If it wasnt for Ismailbhai who supported me initially Id have never survived in there.He had predicted that Id win. I kept asking him how he knew. But he justknew. I love him for that.

Vindoo also has fond memories of Raju Shrivastava and Poonam Dhillon from inside the House. Whatever happened with Raju before he left in 9 weeks I still would like to think of him as a friend. He made me laugh.

He kept us entertained As for Poonamji in the closing weeks she was a great support. She guided me to the end.Id like to keep in touch with these three. As for the rest of the housemates I wish them all the best in life.

As for the ceasesless spats with Pravesh Rana, Vindoo chooses to look at the brighter side. I saw a tremendous change in him in the last three days. He was actually heard saying he hoped I won. Did I hope to win? No matter what people think I wasnt working towards winning. I just did what came naturally to me.

Now that Vindoo is out of Bigg Boss house Vindoo hopes to take his career further. Ive a great father (Dara Singh)s name to live up to. Im hoping to consolidate my position in the industry. I want to work towards making the position that Amrish Puriji had made in our cinema. Lets see. This victory has re-charged all my batteries.


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