28 November 2009

Latest Telugu Movie 'Arya2' Review

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Film: Arya2
Banner: Aditya Arts
Rating: 2.5/5

Cast: Allu Arjun, Kajal, Navadeep, Sraddha Arya, Ajay, Erina, Brahmanandam, and others
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics: Chandrabose, Vanamali
Art: Chinna
Producer: Aditya Babu
Director: Sukumar
Release date: 27th November 2009

Sequel culture has started in Telugu film industry way back many years but still, that’s bringing in bigger hype. When something is made as sequel or flavor of a hit film title and cast, the expectations are soaring high. Now Arya-2 has seen light. Let us see how it’s received by audiences.

It’s the story of two friends Arya (Arjun) and Ajay (Navadeep) who fall in love with same girl Geeta (Kajal).

Arya’s possessiveness for Ajay is the underlined aspect in this movie. But Ajay never likes Arya. Despite, he places him in his company for not being able to bear his torture.

Geeta comes as colleague in their office and story starts from then. But Rajireddy (Mukesh Rishi), the father of Geeta arranges her marriage with the son of another factionist. Arya takes the responsibility to cancel that wedding and enters the village. He says to Ajay that he would bring Geeta for him. How things turn from there…falls rest of the plot.

Allu Arjun appeared confusing in the film. His obsession for his friend Ajay has projected him on the lines of a ‘gay’, and many in theatre shouted the word! That’s because of mishandling of narration. On the other hand his contrast in characterization is disgusting. Sometimes he looks convincing and many times confusing. Director should be questioned for that.

Although Navadeep is a very able actor in delivering histrionics he was not given that chance by the director. His character remained dull through out.

Kajal looked innocent, beautiful and charming while Shraddha Das glued some oozing glamour to screen.

‘Ringa Ringa..’ girl has got glowing skin but lacked in raunchy appeal that’s required for an item girl. Others are ok in their shoes.

While every department worked with all dedication it’s the flaw of director that marred the film. Cinematography, Choreography and Music stood high but the director made a confused concoction and ruined entire show. He got confused with screenplay part in second half.

Allu Arjun’s energy levels
Dances by Arjun

Director’s mishandling
Lack of required comedy
Confused screenplay and dialogue

It’s the movie released with many expectations but finally ended up as a disappointment. The masses in theatres yelled like hell when the show has begun but slowly turned pale and passive as the movie is rolling on.

Many are seen walking out of theatres either for a puff of smoke or relax in rest rooms especially in second half. First half is a bit ok. Only songs stood as saving grace by the virtue of Allu Arjun’s dances and music.

Coming to the essence in the movie, it has given many negative signs on a whole: The following doubts would light in the minds of audience:

  • Is the protagonist a sadist or a gay or a mentally imbalanced one?
  • Is the heroine character-less who runs behind any man who sheds tears for her?
  • Is the director conveying that marriage ritual has no significance?
  • Is the director introducing the wife-swapping subject on Telugu screen?
  • Is the director confused totally?

The first day morning show has given a signal that it’s going to be thumbs down in B,C centers. But A centers may find some oxygen. On a whole it’s a disappointment.

Bottom Line: Disappointment


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